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Allergic Conjunctivitis

Eye Allergy

Allergic conjunctivitis is the most common allergy affecting the eyes. The conjunctivae—the thin membranes covering the eyelids and the exposed surface of the eyes—is an active tissue of the immune system that responds to allergies caused by airborne particles.

Allergic conjunctivitis can appear in two forms: seasonal and perennial. The seasonal version is much more common, and is related to exposure to specific pollens, such as grass, tree and weed pollens. The perennial form persists throughout the year and is usually triggered by dust mites, animal dander, feathers, and mold.

Recommended Treatments

Diagnostic Testing

With the right testing tools, we can implement proper allergen avoidance measures and tailor treatment to your needs.

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Allergen Avoidance

Whether we consider medication or immunotherapy for your allergies, proper allergen avoidance measures can go a long way in reducing your symptoms.

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