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What Treatments Are Appropriate For You?

Get a general idea of the kind of treatment you may need. Take our online survey to discover conditions and treatment options. Of course, this does not represent actual medical advice.

1. Select Your Allergy Symptom(s)

Please select all symptoms that might apply to you, then select "Find Out Now".

Sneezing / Runny Nose

Do you have a runny nose congestion, drainage, sinus pressure?

Shortness of Breath

Do you experience difficulty taking deep breaths?


Are you have whistling or other noises in your chest when you breathe?

Rash / Itch

Do you get wheals or other rashes that come and go?


Do you get swelling of your face, extremities, or any body part?


Are you having high body temperatures with respiratory symptoms?

Insect Allergy

Have you had a reaction to a bee, wasp, hornet, or fire ant bite or sting?

Food allergies

Do you suspect you have a food allergy?

Drug Allergy

Are you allergic to penicillin or other meds?

I Don’t Know

Any other general allergy concerns?

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