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Allergen Avoidance

Whether we consider medication or immunotherapy for your allergies, proper allergen avoidance measures can go a long way in reducing your symptoms.

Frequency During the first visit after the allergy test, and reviewed during follow ups.

One of our main goals during your visit is to identify the allergens that can be provoking your symptoms.  By understanding this, we can implement proper avoidance measures.  This in turn can lead to less flares of symptoms and less need for medication.

During your first visits, we dedicate a lot of time to understanding these triggers and how to avoid them based on your allergy test.  In general, pollen sensitivity can explain your seasonal allergies.  Molds and indoor allergens like pets are responsible for chronic year-round symptoms.  We will furnish a copy of your results, which includes a summary of allergen avoidance measures.

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