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Diagnostic Testing

With the right testing tools, we can implement proper allergen avoidance measures and tailor treatment to your needs.

Frequency skin testing During one of the initial visits
Frequency of asthma testing Initial visit and during some follow ups (eg. with a change in medication or symptoms)
Insurance Most insurances cover these

Allergy testing is virtually painless and fast.

Spirometry to measure airway tightness.

Nitric Oxide levels measure airway inflammation.

There are various testing tools for studying allergies and asthma.

Allergy testing involves pricking the skin gently with an allergen, and observing for 15 minutes to see if there is a reaction.  This would in turn identify pollen,s molds, pets, insects and foods that may be provoking allergy symptoms. We have virtually pain-free testing tools for this.  

For asthma and other respiratory diseases, we can measure level of airway obstruction as well as the level of inflammation in the airways.  This in turns helps us custom tailor your medication to maximize efficacy while reducing chances of side effects.



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