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Medication Optimization

With so many options in the market, which is the right medication for you?

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There are many options now-a-days when it comes to medication to treat allergic diseases, some of which can be obtained without a prescription. For this reason we like to take time to go over these options during your visit.  Our goal is to find the least amount of medication that will provide relief and reduce flare ups of symptoms.

For nasal allergies, these options include oral antihistamines, intranasal corticosteroids sprays, oral and intranasal decongestants.  There are also different combinations of these that can be obtained over-the-counter.  By prescription, we have many other options including oral and intranasal anticholinergics, and leukotriene receptor antagonists.

For mild symptoms, the over-the-counter options can be effective.  Moderate and severe symptoms usually benefit from combination of medications including the nasal corticosteroids sprays.  Allergy testing would also better define the times of the year when need to be more aggressive with our treatment, and when can we reduce the use of these.

We also follow the latest asthma management protocols.  Milder symptoms may only require a rescue inhaler to treat rare flare ups.  More frequent symptoms will require daily inhalers, to reduce the chances of developing an asthma attack.  The more severe cases can benefit from newer drugs called biologics, which specifically target the part of the immune system that may be provoking the asthma attacks.

Eczema treatment usually involves a combination of topical steroids or other anti-inflammatories, daily moisturizers, and avoiding known allergens and irritants.  There are also biologics available that can help in severe eczema.


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