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Our Story

In 1996, allergists Bob Jacobs and Daniel Ramirez Sr. formed Jacobs and Ramirez Allergy & Immunology. For decades, they built a stellar reputation for treating allergic disease in South Texas community with integrity and excellence. 

Although Drs. Jacobs and Ramirez have both retired from clinical practice, their legacy remains intact.  Like his father, Dr. Daniel Ramirez Jr. has the same mannerisms and level of dedication to his patients. His cousin, Dr. Robert Ramirez, joined the practice in 2012.  While treating his patients with compassion and respect, he has been involved in clinical research with Dr. Jacobs.  Dr. Jeffrey Hallett, who joined us in 2017, trained under Dr. Jacobs while in fellowship training the Air Force, and has been an asset to our patients. 

Most importantly, our core mission has stayed exactly the same:

  • ALWAYS provide professional, timely, and affordable allergy services to all of our patients.
  • ALWAYS treat our patients and their family members in the same manner we would like to be treated.
  • NEVER rush our patients through their appointments or concerns.
  • NEVER forget what a privilege it is to serve and care for our patients!


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